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Bortex is a leading European manufacturer of quality men's and ladies tailored garments.
Established in 1964, it has steadily built a reputation for high quality standards, reliability and flexible service. Its headquarters and knowledge-based activities are carried out from Malta, which became an EU member in 2004

Bortex Today
Bortex has spread its wings and today operates manufacturing facilities in Tunisia as well as in China.
Annual sales currently total over 35 million euros and the client portfolio comprises prestige chain and department store groups in the major European cities and beyond.

Bortex also operates a number of its own retail outlets in Malta which offer a vast range of formal tailoring, outerwear, casual clothing, footwear and accessories.We also offer a made to measure service from a large selection of fine Italian and English Fabrics.

At the plaza the Bortex outlet offers 325sqm of men's suits, jackets, trousers, formal shirts and ties as well as a full range of smart casual items for men.
Bortex also operates its own retail outlets in Malta where customers can purchase the same high quality tailoring, directly at factory prices.
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