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  • Aug 28
    Suiteblanco Autumn/Winter '15/'16
    November 2015 - March 2016. On this date as a framework BLANCO begins a new stage in which we ...

    November 2015 – March 2016. On this date as a framework BLANCO begins a new stage in which we will find a collection that unifies all the insurgence of UK but remaining strong Spanish roots, paying tribute to the BLANCO heritage.

    November starts with a Tartan Collection, hot groups of plaid separates delicately set against white lace blouses, sheer chiffon tops, pretty poplin dresses and super soft Aran knits. A new collection of supple Napa leather looks to accessories will be introduced throughout the month and will become into key purchases that will last and can be updated.

    Close to Christmas time a new sophistication with long lengths, traditional embellishments and bold Gold & Black jacquards will define the Spanish Collection. Black lace knits, bold spot contrasts and 3D trims bring classic shapes alive and hone the heritage aspect of this range. Not to forget micro hot pants and evening wear to die for.

    And then the Accessory of accessories: the fringed clutch bag, perfect for daily chic outfits or to go with that special party dress (and the earrings to match!).

    Cheers for a new beginning!

    Click here to watch the Fashion Show video.

    About Amy Molyneaux, new Creative Director at Blanco

    Amy is responsible for co-creating the London based Label PPQ in 1999. 16 years later PPQ is a regular on the London Fashion Week Schedule. Along her career she has dressed a host of celebrities from Lilly Allen, Rihanna, Peaches Geldof, Daisy Lowe or Alexa Chung.

    Amys distinctive style is a heady mix of desirable chic, classic melds and the Kings Road.

  • Feb 23
    SUITEBLANCO - a new era for denim


    Without a doubt, this will be one of the winning trends in the upcoming season. Denim fabric transcends its basic status and is set to star in the launching of the new SUITEBLANCO collection. Blanca Padilla, one of today’s most desired Spanish top models, is its ambassador.

    Everything from essential jeans to shirts, jackets and skirts that will revive your most feminine side; denim clothing will be what people are talking about this spring. Denim has an infinite capacity to recreate a variety of different themes, as is demonstrated in the fashion brand’s first campaign in 2015. In navy blue tones, we find looks that combine comfortable jeans – generally straight capri length or shorts – longer than in previous seasons – with lightweight knit nautical striped T-shirts. A summery touch in which the guiding theme is always indigo blue denim, combined with the three flagship colours of this inexhaustible trend: white, navy blue and touches of red.

    During the day,soft forms and combinations. A predominance of sky-blue tones, featuring a washed effect that lightens the range of colours, makes outfits more appealing due to the pleasing nature of the clothing and the concessions to fun elements such as polka dots, discreet tears and floral prints. Although the boyfriend model – which continues to evolve towards a less wide and thus slimmer silhouette – remains as the first choice in terms of comfort, the most important novelty is the return to the bootcut, reminiscent of the bohemian trend that is reborn with the spring. Short, lightweight guipure tops, with appliqués or semi-transparent, impart romanticism and emerge as the best combination to achieve the sweetest and most feminine look in denim.

    Personality is reserved for the realm of 100% denim outfits, which combine different finishes to create successful contrasts. Without a doubt, super skinny trousers – rolled up at the ankles to make them even more evocative, if possible, are the perfect fit if you want to amp up the attraction.

    To complete each look and ultimately define your style, footwear is key. For its most informal proposals, SUITEBLANCO is going for casual shoes and wide heeled sandals, along with back in- style mules, as the perfect solution to make denim the sexiest fabric.

  • Apr 7
    An exhibition by Carmel Bonello Artworks - exclusively at The Plaza, Saturday 12th April

    Colours over a city coloured inks on paper 2009 131.09Kuncizzjoni chapel Rabat

    CARMEL BONELLO  was  born in Siggiewi, Malta in 1960. He is an ardent expressionist of great strength and bold impact. His dynamic energy, which is constantly seeking new vents, could be the basis of his individuality, his personal art and style. Carmel Bonello believes in mood, his spontaneity captures the fleeting moment and galvanizes each instance into permanent and concrete form. It is incredible how a few strokes of his brush evoke a mood, an atmosphere.  The simplicity and economy in line and composition lend his work clarity and immediacy. With the use of black and chromatic colours the artist projects a tremendous force, full of life, His work is packed with dynamic swirls, action, energy, forceful, strong and bold. Carmel Bonello is a prolific artist using mixed media and experimentation to obtain burst of colours or bold graphic compositions. Carmel portrays his subconscious thought in his paintings, his various topics encompass his need for expression, he uses a spontaneous and physical process with his painting that in turn present an immediate response to his expressive personality. The artist had several solo exhibitions in Malta, France and Germany. Many of his works are to be found in Malta and different countries around the world in private and public collections.

    Kuncizzjoni Chapel Gozo 19.3.12 Gillieru St. Paul's Bay in red Five red figures Fishing Village oilson board 40cmx50cm .500EU Fishing boats at Tunny net Mellieha oils on board 45cmx60cm .450EU

  • Jan 22
    The Plaza's 20th Anniversary
    The Plaza Shopping and Commercial Centre, one of Malta’s premier shopping and office locations ...

    The Plaza Shopping and Commercial Centre, one of Malta’s premier shopping and office locations at the heart of Sliema, celebrated its 20th anniversary on December 3.

    On the day, cake, food and drinks were offered to all customers between 4pm and 6pm. For the occasion, discounts and gifts were given out all day long and shops were all open till 10.30pm.

    Prime Minister Joseph Muscat inaugurated the event with a speech and the unveiling of the commemorative plaque.

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  • Nov 11
    The 50/50 Collection - TONI&GUY's
    The 50/50 Collection pays homage to TONI&GUY's illustrious legacy of creating beautiful ...

    The 50/50 Collection pays homage to TONI&GUY’s illustrious legacy of creating beautiful hair, that has seen the brand being awarded both a ‘Coolbrand’ and ‘Superbrand’ status simultaneously to mark the brand’s milestone anniversary. Each of the 10 looks symbolises past successes for the brand, referencing historic TONI&GUY Collections, while also taking inspiration from current fashion trends to create a seamless merging of past, present and future, creating a high-fashion, relevant collection, synonymous with the brand.

    THE RE-FADE-bs-6558  THE-BESPOKE-bs-5838 THE-BLITZ-bs-8528 THE-BO-DON-bs-2827 THE-FACE-bs-9067 THE-FUSE-bs-8448 THE-I-D-bs-3749 THE-MODA-bs-8828 THE-MONTAGE-bs-4702

    The ultimate ‘accessory’ of any cut, the 50/50 Collection doesn’t shy away from colour, with a palette that ranges from flaming reds, vanilla blondes, to royal blue and violet hues. Through a variety of skilful techniques from colour blocking, root stretching, colour flashes to surface shading, colour accents are artfully placed to perfectly complement the cut.

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