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Simple Steps for Perfect Eyebrows

One of the golden rules in life is that if you want to look good you need to have good eyebrows. So that’s why we’ve came up with a few simple steps that will give you impeccable brows to set off your eyes.

Below are 2 different methods of shaping and filling your eyebrows perfectly!

Direction 1:

  1. First you need to line up the shape of your brows.Then define them with a eyebrow spoolie. This will help you place all the hairs in the right position . If you don’t have this tool you can use old washed mascara wand .
  2. Fill them in. Don’t forget to apply concealer under and above your brow because it will make your eyebrows look freshly and defined.


 Direction 2

1. With the help of a small brush start brushing your eyebrows.
2. Take a pencil that is similar to your eyebrow color and hair and begin shaping them. Start to outline the bottom for both sides then go to the top. Be careful here to create symmetry because this is one of the most important steps of the process.
3. After creating the outline shapes, fill in the brows with the same pencil or powder and brush again.
4. Take a foundation or a concealer of a lighter color than your skin and apply it around your eyebrows like you can see in the pictures below, then blend it with a small brush. You are ready!

eyebrow 2

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